Thank you 2023, onwards to 2024

Jan 06 2023

Year in reviewLife

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year 2024. I postponed writing this article till after the 1st Jan as I did not feel in my writing zone last year at all, but I did want to write up a review as I did for 2022.

So 2023, well... here's to the year that 2023 has been 😇

A collage of 4 pictures of mine - the first pic is me speaking on the stage at Front Conference Zurich; the second pic is me sitting on the Iron Throne replica of the Game of Thrones series; the third pic is me in a pink Anarkali dress standing in front of Bibi ka maqbara; fourth pic is me speaking on the stage of React Summit Amsterdam


If I were to define 2023 using just one word, it would be gratitude.

2023 was a different kind of year, like a pendulum with lots of highs and lows but it ended in a positive tone. Yes, I struggled and I felt like a loser at some point. But also, I fought back this feeling, I read books, talked to friends and family, and tried my best.

And while I felt like I did not accomplish much in 2023, now when I look back, I see lots of things that are wins for my priorities in life, and I feel grateful and proud of myself, as well as thankful for everyone who made my 2023 so beautiful.

2023 theme

So, I started 2023 with one theme - Going above and beyond.

I wanted like to explore more of my potential, see what I am capable of, and how far I can go while living life to its fullest.

Family and Friends

I went to India and met my family for the first time after I relocated to the Netherlands (after around 1.5 years). It was a lovely trip.

And, in the last quarter of the year, my family visited me in the Netherlands and we spent an amazing 2 months exploring the country as well as Europe at large.

These were the times that fueled me with positivity, courage, and a profound sense of fulfillment and gratitude.

Manifesting more of such times in 2024.

Also, I feel blessed to have such lovely and supportive friends, you all are just the best.


This has been an ongoing challenge that I'm actively addressing. I must acknowledge my inconsistency with exercise, and I need to admit this as part of my accountability. I did try to pay more attention to the pattern of my health and understand it more closely.

I am grateful for the fact that I am more aware of my health triggers, and the side effects, and I am trying to take precautions as much as I can. As a result, I have felt better in the last two months.

In 2024, I am putting more focus on being healthy and being consistent.


I changed my job in November and joined Vodafoneziggo, and this has been one of the major things I am grateful for in 2023. My priority was to work in an inclusive, positive work environment, where everyone is treated with respect and it checks all the right boxes.

Working with a focus on accessibility was also one of the important factors, and I am looking forward to exploring and contributing to that regard.

In 2024, I am looking forward to learning, growing, and working on challenging tasks in this new role.

Speaking at events

I slowed down a bit on in-person conferences in 2023 because of multiple reasons. And I wanted to go beyond conferences this year, so I went ahead to deliver workshops.

By the end of the year, I:

I am thankful for all these opportunities and experiences, for the new friends and connections I made as part of these events, and for all the things I learned from other talks at the conferences.

In 2024, I am looking forward to

  • more in-person conferences,
  • speaking at online events
  • continue with more workshops
  • publishing YouTube videos again


I wanted to travel more, and what a terrific year 2023 has been for traveling, specifically also because I traveled quite a lot with my family, and that feels like another level of happiness and accomplishment.

Some travel stats:

  • 10 countries 🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪🇮🇳🇫🇷🇨🇭🇦🇹🇨🇿🇧🇬🇬🇧
  • at least 35 cities (I am sure I am missing some while counting)

Top 3 highlights:

In 2024, more travel memories and stories (All my travel stories are shared on Instagram)


I was not consistent with reading books in 2023. By the end of the year, I read 19 books.

In 2024, I aim to be more consistent at reading. The number of books read does not matter much to me but I aim to read around 30 minutes for at least 5 days a week. For Goodreads, where I track my progress, I did put a target number of 30 books.


As I write this review, I am now seeing a pattern, there are certain months where I was not consistent with reading books, and those are the same months I was not consistent with journaling too, and it's a lost opportunity because I was struggling during some of those times, and it would have helped me recall more and better.

As a win, I did start journaling consistently towards the end of the year, and I also added a new habit to it - writing one thing I am grateful for every day.

In 2024, I am being more mindful about journaling every day and adding one thing I am grateful for each day (I would suggest you try this if you want).

In 2023, I did not publish any blogs, apart from the 2022 review one. I have 3 blogs in draft state. In 2024, I am going to focus again on writing.

Thank You 2023

I am grateful for the ways I kept showing up for myself, even if it felt hard at the moment.

I am grateful for everything that 2023 taught me, and for all the beautiful experiences I had.

I am grateful for the love and support I received, and the growth I experienced within myself.

I am grateful to have lived in 2023 ❤️.

Hello 2024

I am going through this new year slowly and steadily. The theme of this year will be: Healthy and Happy

Let's live 2024 to the fullest.

My biggest wish for this year is for a peaceful world. I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and fulfilling new year.

Also, I would love to read your year-end reviews or recaps, celebrate your 2023, and hype you up for 2024 and beyond. So do share with me in the comments.