My reading list

I love reading, sometimes I read a lot. The below lists contain the books and articles I read.


I loved reading from when I was a kid. I remember reading comics, and science magazines (Pratiyogita Darpan) in one sitting. My parents used to scold me for reading too much (ah the irony of it), so much that I used to read sometimes inside my blanket with a torch (this explains why I have to wear spectacles now, doesnt it?).

I started tracking all my reading since 2021, at a place called Goodreads. This really works as I feel accountable. I read 21 books in 2021, and my reading goal for 2021 is atleast 25 books.

While Goodreads is a great place to track books, I wanted to have something on my own website, hence this list. I always take notes when I am reading, so that i can revisit them later. So in below list, I will add few notes about the books too. It is an in-progress list, and will forever be so.




Below contains list of articles that I enjoyed reading and maintaining this list will help me to revisit these later as well as could be a source of reference for anyone who might find them useful. If you came here and found something interesting, I would be happy to know about it.