Add resolutions to package.json

Aug 11 2020


What was the issue?

One of the sub-dependencies of my project got updated unintentionally to incorrect version (after running yarn upgrade on a dependency).

To fix this, we had to add a resolution for the sub-dependecy to prevent it from causing any issues the release. Now, I heard this term add resolution for the first time, and had no idea what to do. So I followed the (dev) religious practice and googled about it.

Thankfully, I got the helpful link in the first attempt itself (what a relief!)


In a nutshell, I followed below steps:

  • Deleted the package lock file created
  • Added a resolutions entry in the package.json for the sub-dependency
    "dependencies": {
      "package-1": "2.3.1",
      "package-2": "3.1.7",
    "resolutions": {
      /** because I upgraded package-1 and it had package-2 as dependency 
        * which got upgraded to a higher version which we did not want */
      "package-2": "3.1.7"  
  • Re-run yarn upgrade command for package-1, and this time it does not increment the sub-dependency version. Problem solved!