Use emojis in Windows (and as a result, in VSCode too)

Sep 30 2020


I am crying with happiness as I found out today that we can use a shortcut to open emoji palatte anywhere in windows. Just press the keys Windows and dot together and you can witness a emoji palatte opening right up for you. Type name of any emoji to search for it and press enter to select it.

It's very convenient to navigate through keyboard (the right way to implement ).

This will come in handy for me as I am a very emoji extensive person . Also, the ease of using it anywhere, especially in VSCode is so damn helpful.

Till now, I used to search for emojies on internet and copy paste it into the code, if I ever needed to use it. Not to mention, when you have to use emojis in any conference chat window, and you cannot see any handy emoji option (as is available in applications like Microsoft Teams, skype, etc.)